Fearless Sandy

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Sandy is a permanent resident of Vethoscope Dog Rehab Village so we can make sure he gets all the love and attention he needs being a handicapped woofa.

At 14 months of age he was in an accident and broke his back which left him paralyzed. He was cage bound at Vethoscope Animal Care & Clinic for 7 months. As soon as he go to Vethoscope Dog Rehab Village he was determined to walk. We got him a skateboard which he loved to zoom around on. Unfortunately since then he has had to have a small amputation and doesn't enjoy the skateboard. Sandy now wears trousers to get around in and protect himself. We are now in the process of getting him a prosthetic leg.

We would like to say a special thank you to Paulette Zeiss who has continued to donate and support Sandy with all his needs. Without donations our job is so much harder.

28th January 2021

Sandy is back home at Vethoscope Dog Rehab Village. He has some healing to do after his amputation that was needed. His circulation isn't great so it is taking longer for him to heal. Thanks again to Paulette Zissis for giving us a big donation for him and always supporting him. We are going to order Sandy a new bed so he is more comfortable. Sandy is allergic to chicken so he gets a special diet.

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