Vethoscope Rehab Monthly Expenses

Not many people understand just how much time, effort and money goes into running a Dog Rescue. We are so grateful for every one of you who donates, because without you we could not keep saving these beautiful Bali street dogs.

We have such an amazing team at Vethoscope Animal Care & Clinic who treat ur badly injured and traumatized dogs. They are so amazing and these dogs are lucky to have them.

Then they go off to Vethoscope Dog Rehab Village where we have another amazing team who nurture and love them so they can feel safe and build the trust with humans again.


(INCLUDES 13 PUPPIES) 18 Million (approx $1280.00 USD)

240 kilos of chicken mince

15 kilos of Pork mince

20 tins of wet dog food. A mixture of fish and other varieties

2 trays of eggs a month for the puppies

Puppy Milk

Pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, green beans, sweet poatato and coconut oil that goes into cooking the dog food.

5 x 25 kilo bags of rice

4 x 25 kilo adult dog biscuits

1 x 10 kilo puppy delux biscuits

1 liter bottle of Malaseb Shampoo to treat skin conditions

200 Fish capsules

Nexguard, Simparcia, Bravacto & worming tablets

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil for dog massages

Medication for special needs – pain killers, anti-inflammatory and anti-biotics

Staff Wages



Disinfectant & cleaning products

Gas for cooking

It takes a great team, great support and a love for Bali Dogs that keeps us all going. We will never stop rescuing these beautiful dogs. Please help us, help them. Share with your friends and fellow dog lovers.

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