Terms & Conditions to Foster and/or Adopt

1.) You WILL NOT sell, transfer or adopt the dog to another person.

2.) You will provide me with monthly updates on the status of the dog.

3.) If the dog has any medical conditions or problems you will let me know.

4.) No chains, no cages, no free roaming, these pups are raised in my personal home

around people and other dogs as family.

5.) You will provide me with your identity card, phone number and address.

If any of these change you will let me know.


6.) I will bring the dog to your home for a house inspection, subject to my approval then you may adopt the dog. If I deem conditions are not acceptable then the dog will not be adopted.


7.) You will provide the dog with water and good food at all times.


8.) You will ensure the dog gets sufficient exercise, love and affection.

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