We Love Bali Dogs and What We Do!

Vethoscope Animal Care & Clinic is where all our Rescues are first taken to be assessed and treated.

The team at Vethoscope all work together tirelessly to help the Bali Rescue Dogs.

We have 4 licensed Vets - Dr Reevina, Dr Isa Ghautama, Dr Agnes Widya & Dr Agnes Tasia.

4 Vet Assistants - Renzy, Bagus, Dani & Yogi plus our Ambulance Driver Icak.

Without donations from fellow dog lovers our job is even more difficult and we have to turn dogs away that desperately need our help. This breaks our hearts into pieces.

Every cent counts with donations. It all ads up and helps us to treat those that need it.

Every dog deserves to have a life where it feels safe, loved & nurtured.

Dog Wash

WARNING: There are some horrible pictures below, however we need to highlight just how bad the problem is and what an amazing job our team is doing.